Setting Up The Right Retirement Plan

In the Virgin Islands, consumers research retirement plans and identify the most beneficial choices for them. Retirement plans are designed for individuals who work for an employer or are self-employed. A local financial advisor offers a wide selection of retirement plans and explains how each option works.

Reviewing Employee Retirement Plans

There are two main types of employer-based retirement plans. A defined benefit plan provides a predetermined value after the employee retires. Similar plans are one percent of the employee’s salary. The second type of retirement plan is the defined contribution plan. A percentage of the employee’s salary is deducted and deposited into the account. The plan is either a 403(B) or 401(K) plan.

Simplified Employee Pension

The SEP IRA is an ideal retirement plan for self-employed individuals. It enables self-employed individuals to contribute a maximum of twenty-five percent of their income in the plan. The account owner can set their preferred value for their contributions to generate adequate funds for retirement.

Simple and Standard IRAs

Businesses that have less than one hundred employees offer simple IRA plans to workers. The plans allow the workers to contribute around $12,000 annually to the account. The employers must match the exact contribution to increase the total value of the fund. On the other hand, the standard IRAs are offered when there are more than one hundred employees. The maximum annual contribution is around $5,500. All contributions to the plans are tax-free until the account holder makes withdrawals.

What You Should Know About Roth IRAs

The retirement plans impose income restrictions for workers. For example, workers who aren’t married cannot earn more than $131,000. The funds are taxed when they are deposited in the accounts. The account holders won’t receive any tax deductions when depositing funds in the account. However, the funds aren’t taxed when they are withdrawn from the retirement funds. The plans restrict withdrawals to age 70.

In the Virgin Islands, retirement plans help consumers generate adequate funds to support themselves when they stop working. Each plan offers different methods of generating the funds. Select options are available through employers, and all contributions are matched. Consumers who need more information about retirement opportunities are encouraged to contact Cane Bay Partners right now.